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Righto. So, you've come here to look at some sample forms.

The thing is, I finally went fully digital a few years back now. So the forms I used to have up here way back when aren't really relevant any more. And hence I've taken them down for now.

As for what "fully digital" means - well, rather than using pencil and paper to fill out my shot notes, and drawing coloured tramlines all over a nice neat script for the editor, I now do all that on my tiny little laptop (or occasionally my iPad), using a set of Filemaker Pro templates designed by the wonderful Peter Skarratt:

Aside from solving potential problems of legibility, one big plus for insanely epic productions like Ash vs Evil Dead (hail to the king, baby) is that with all information now in a database, I can easily search out and cross-reference shot information. With multiple units and multiple episodes on the go for months at a time, this is more than just handy, it's vital. And one very big plus for all productions is that the script notes (aka facing page, editor's log, continuity log, continuity notes &c.) can be imported directly into AVID.

At some (as yet undetermined) point I will put some examples up here, but in the meantime, if you'd like more information please just drop me a line and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

And if you're a neophyte, I'm happy to send you some samples of my old forms to get you going. Again, just drop me a line, and if you're lucky and I'm not flat out doing six-day weeks of night shoots out in the desert somewhere, I'll whizz you some over.